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The Hoop Group is an Amarillo, Texas auction and real estate company that believes that integrity, loyalty, honesty, and motivated customer service is the foundation to all successful business relationships. We believe in listening to our clients and then providing services that will help them with their needs. We truly believe that there is no greater place to live than right here in the Texas Panhandle where we are all neighbors and should treat each other that way.

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Curious if selling your personal items by auction is right for you? Simply determine how much D.U.S.T. is on them. (D)emand (U)tility (S)carcity (T)ransferability. Auctions will bring excellent money for items with one or more of these traits. The more DUST an item has, the more it brings. Give Brandon a call if you would like more information about auctions and how we can turn your DUST into cash!

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We provide real estate services through auction and traditional methods. If you are thinking of buying, selling, or investing in real estate, contact Carol today!